July 19, 2021

Chequers Health Group approved to access electronic NHS patient records

Chequers Health Group was granted approval on 30th March 2021 to access electronic patient records.  The system went live on the 1st June 2021.

EMIS Web allows approved healthcare providers to view and contribute to a patient’s electronic healthcare record and to support a seamless patient journey.

According to Traci Berry, Chief Operating Officer:

‘We are delighted to have access to EMIS Web.  It means that GPs and patients will be able to select Chequers for their care and Chequers can receive direct referrals from the NHS.

Importantly, our Clinicians can now view the patient’s NHS records and we will be able to communicate the results of our diagnosis and treatment securely and efficiently.

This is further confirmation and validation that Chequers is becoming an important partner for the NHS and private patients.’

NHS England

Source: NHS England RSS feeds