About us

Chequers Health Group is a healthcare organisation led by GPs and Consultants to support the NHS in the provision of healthcare in the most appropriate clinical setting.  We provide services both to the NHS and the private health sector by delivering speedy diagnosis and high-quality patient care creating greater choice for the patient and care closer to home.

We have wide ranging approval from the CQC and this involves accreditation to deliver the following activities:

    1. Treatment of disease, disorder, or injury
    2. Surgical procedures
    3. Diagnostic and screening
    4. Maternity and midwifery services
    5. Family planning

The quality of our services is underpinned by a robust system of clinical governance which is overseen by a Board comprising experts in healthcare.  Our Consultants all work in the NHS and therefore provide the highest quality of care and operate within strict professional and ethical frameworks.

We focus on patient care and safety and involve patients at every stage of their care ensuring they are fully informed.  We seek patient input to ensure we provide a tailored response that takes into account the holistic needs of our patients.

We operate with the highest levels of confidentiality and ensure that patient information is communicated via the HSCN (N3) secure connection.  This allows our Clinicians to access our patient’s clinical information, refer for the appropriate examination / treatment and submit the patient’s report to our NHS and private health care partners in a secure manner.


To deliver a high quality, patient focused service in a community setting.


Our vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognised healthcare provider, in delivering high quality clinical services that improve the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Our aims and objectives-

  • To ensure our services and environment are high quality, safe and effective.
  • We aim to support the early diagnosis of patients so that the appropriate healthcare can be provided as soon as possible.
  • We will work alongside clinical leaders nationally and internationally to influence, change and drive service improvement.
  • We will monitor, audit, and continually strive to improve healthcare services to our patients.
  • To develop a wide range of healthcare services which is convenient for patients but also supports the demand on the healthcare system.


Innovative- To provide a modernised healthcare service that integrates the healthcare system and patient care to create the best patient experience.

Respect- We respect our patients by listening to them and taking their feedback on board.

Collaborative- We value partnership between our patients, our staff, the community, and our partners to continually improve our service.

Openness- We endeavour to create an environment of openness, trust and confidence with our patients, staff, and partners.

Teamwork- We value teamwork for an excellent standard of care and development of our organisation.